My Sidekick Brush Bundle

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My Sidekick is a stunning new eyeshadow palette created by Olivia Buckland.

Consisting of a combination of 10 matte shades perfect for transitioning, shading and emphasising and 5 shimmer and glitter shades for achieving a popping glam look, this palette is definitely one to look out for!

Matte shades include:

  • Carol a light brown
  • Charlotte an orange
  • Amanda a purple
  • Emelia a beige
  • Milly a nude brown
  • Jess a yellow
  • Tina a bright red
  • Cara a charcoal
  • Bethan a muted purple
  • Louise a chocolate brown

Shimmer, glitter shades include:

  • Megan a pearlescent pink
  • Debbie a pink gold
  • Chloe a purple bronze
  • Grace a copper
  • Sarah a yellow gold

The brush set includes:

  • Tapered Crease Brush - The ultimate eye makeup tool; a tapered brush ideal for applying transitional colours and achieving that smokey effect. The natural hairs offer smooth, exquisite application and easy maintenance.
  • Round Dome Smudge Brush - A synthetic, dome shaped brush ideal for smudging and diffusing colour with total precision.
  • Large Paddle Brush - A brush ideally used for any powder-based product with a large, paddle-shaped head that allows the whole lid to be covered in a few simple strokes.
  • Small Shader Brush - A synthetic fibre brush that ensures colour applies easily and blends without streaking. The small-flat shape helps to apply any cream based eye shadow with an even, smooth finish.
  • Small Paddle Brush - A synthetic, small paddle brush with soft synthetic fibres that is perfectly proportioned and tapered for buffing, blending and shading the lid effortlessly.