5 Piece Make Up Brush Set

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The Made Up London 5 piece makeup brush set is a collection of 5 classic makeup brushes of high quality and design specifically for the eyes.

Presented in chic and dignified packaging featuring the brand's core colours, this set is perfect for gifting!

The set comes with a rose gold, grained, faux leather casing which can be used after opening to carry and protect your Made Up brushes.

The set includes:

  • Tapered Crease Brush - The ultimate eye makeup tool; a tapered brush ideal for applying transitional colours and achieving that smokey effect. The natural hairs offer smooth, exquisite application and easy maintenance.
  • Round Dome Smudge Brush - A synthetic, dome shaped brush ideal for smudging and diffusing colour with total precision.
  • Large Paddle Brush - A brush ideally used for any powder-based product with a large, paddle-shaped head that allows the whole lid to be covered in a few simple strokes.
  • Small Shader Brush - A synthetic fibre brush that ensures colour applies easily and blends without streaking. The small-flat shape helps to apply any cream based eye shadow with an even, smooth finish.
  • Small Paddle Brush - A synthetic, small paddle brush with soft synthetic fibres that is perfectly proportioned and tapered for buffing, blending and shading the lid effortlessly.