My Sidekick

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My Sidekick is a stunning new eyeshadow palette created by Olivia Buckland.

Consisting of a combination of 10 matte shades perfect for transitioning, shading and emphasising and 5 shimmer and glitter shades for achieving a popping glam look, this palette is definitely one to look out for!

Housed in a slim, sleek, travel-friendly case with a full mirror, stay popping on the go!

All of the shades are designed to build and blend, with the ability to create a variety of looks with shades ranging from bright finishes to warmer, neutral tones.

As each shade was selected, we ensured that it was matched and developed into a formula that was the best fit for the specific shades and finishes. These formulas make our eyeshadow palettes full of pigmentation and long lasting wear.

Matte shades include:

  • Carol a light brown
  • Charlotte an orange
  • Amanda a purple
  • Emelia a beige
  • Milly a nude brown
  • Jess a yellow
  • Tina a bright red
  • Cara a charcoal
  • Bethan a muted purple
  • Louise a chocolate brown

Shimmer, glitter shades include:

  • Megan a pearlescent pink
  • Debbie a pink gold
  • Chloe a purple bronze
  • Grace a copper
  • Sarah a yellow gold


Olivia Buckland

Choosing the shade names for my palette was such fun and I wanted to make it unique and special to not only me, but all the people in my life! 

Each shade is named after the women I love and that inspire me in different ways. I chose the gorgeous, glittery gold for my Mum as she is the best woman in my life! All these girls mean so much to me, I wanted to honour them and show them that whatever happens they’ll always be my day ones! The reasons why I chose to call the palette “My Sidekick” is firstly, because all the shades are my FAVES in which I use for day and night, making it perfect to have by my side and secondly, all the girls’ names featured in the palette will always be my sidekicks! 


Pressed pigment palette - Net Weight 30g