Straight from the makeup chair to the design table!

This is Made Up London.

Made Up London is a new wave of beauty; based on real-life, everyday scenarios where social influencers, creatives and makeup junkies like you are at the heart of what we do.

Created with the passionate in mind, Made Up is for those who were born to experiment, design and innovate with colour and makeup.

The Made Up London brand consists of a team of professionals with over 50 years of joint experience alongside fresh, passionate creatives and celebrities to help advise on what you, the consumers are looking for.

Our products have been carefully created with the influence and experience of celebs that you've seen on your television screens and over social media.

The involvement of these familiar faces gives us the insight and key products that are needed within the beauty industry today!

What do you want to see?
What’s missing for YOU in the beauty industry?

You are the passion behind the brand. Get to know us on social media!

Instagram: @MadeUpLDN
Twitter: MadeUpLDN
Facebook: Made Up London

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